The primary focus of my work is to understand the intersection of the human condition and technology, design, innovation, and development.

I do human centered:

My lifetime of work in the creative technology field, and with numerous start-ups, has led to a deep and contextual understanding of people, their environment, and how technology is shaping and empowering lives. From this perspective, I work with organizations, large and small, who seek to create strategies for serving new and existing consumer segments. I bring a multidisciplinary approach to the development of new products, services and business models, with my background in research, business strategy, and human centered design.

In conditions of extreme uncertainty, when more is unknown than known, I begin with exploratory user research in order to comprehend the landscape in which potential solutions will reside, creating a roadmap for collaborative and successful outcomes. I am a human centered problem solver, who wants to help individuals and companies solve the challenges of the future through the creation of successful, sustainable business models for the markets of the future. Lets talk about the ways we can make sense of the complexity and challenges of the future to create new solutions and opportunities.

If you would like to connect to discuss your product, startup, or idea, I always enjoy meeting new doers, thinkers, designers, and entrepreneurs.