Intel struggled to understand the reasons for low mobile engagement and suboptimal conversion rates on their websites and campaigns. We were charged with researching, developing, testing, and implementing solutions to address these challenges while also helping enhance the user experience expertise of the entire team.


Our UX team conducted a holistic analytics review and analyzed user journeys, complementing this analysis with an expert review of the experience design. The team then developed an iterative and collaborative approach to evolve and optimize the technical infrastructure and content strategy for both mobile and desktop platforms.


The team developed a “test and learn” approach to lean UX optimization and implemented it across the entire digital experience. Additionally, our team collaborated with Intel’s creative and experience design teams to explore innovative ways to optimize creative campaigns for mobile devices.

Impact & Outcomes

The new user-centric, data-driven research, design, and content strategy approach significantly increased Intel’s mobile and desktop engagement scores and conversion rates by up to 40%.